Sir Francis Rum

VICD | Sir Francis Rum

Crafted from the finest Caribbean sugar cane with the greatest attention to detail, this full-flavored rum lives up to its legendary name.

Tasting Notes

Caramel and toffee front with hints of spice, oak and orange peel ending with a warm smoky molasses finish.


Just like rum, there is a dichotomy of light and dark behind Sir Francis Drake. Hero to the English, villain to the Spanish – Drake was known as The Queen’s Pirate. Born a commoner, he rose to knighthood and carried his country with him. His coat of arms bore his credo Sic Parvis Magna, or in other words from humble beginnings to great achievements.

Drake’s unquenchable thirst for adventure was one of a kind and it led him around the world. His legendary voyages became close guarded secrets of the realm – his knowledge of the far reaches of the globe protected at all costs by the Queen. Drake took these secrets to the grave with him – to the depths of the Virgin Islands where his last journey came to a perilous end.

This dark rum has been crafted to embody Drake’s spirit of adventure – raw enough for a pirate, yet refined for royalty with triumph in every sip.

Rum Recipes

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